RMC Service | Die Tankkarte für Europa

Travel efficiently through Europe with the RMC fuel card

Refuel cheaply across Europe For private customers & companies Free fuel card No card fee No minimum purchase quantity Starting with just one vehicle Up to the large fleet 24h customer portal Transparent billing Real-time refueling status Limits and pin adjustable and much more...

The international fuel card of RMC provides an efficient route across Europe. Refuelling without cash, even without card fee, without minimum purchase quantity – starting from one vehicle in your vehicle fleet up to the large truck fleet with everything in terms of controlling regarding an accurate and timely invoicing – the RMC fuel card succeeded in providing services, which no other provider has been able to till now: At any time you can access our live online server and find out what sales your drivers are generating.

At one glance you can see quickly and precisely when, where and how much each participant of your fleet is consuming … that way you have everything under control … all at one glance! Our cooperation partners can be found on all major European countries and this way our fuel card becomes an indispensible partner of the road. Security is an important aspect of the RMC-Card. Individual PIN codes and complete control over the card usage make the RMC fuel card to one of the safest in Europe.

RMC Service | The Fuel card for Europe

Fuel card

Regardless if you want only fuel or also toll, VAT refund or other services from us. It always starts with the fuel card.

About RMC fuel Card
RMC Service | The toll solution for Europe


The toll solution across Europe with only one provider. Regardless of whether you need a single OBU or an Eets Box for whole Europe.

About RMC toll solution
RMC Service | The Credit card for Europe

Credit card

Sometimes the fuel card is not the correct tool. When it comes to other services, the RMC credit card is the right choice.

About RMC credit card
RMC Service | The service makes the difference


The service makes the difference. May it be value added tax refund, breakdown service or one of our other services.

About RMC Services

You still don’t have your own RMC fuel card?

Download the service card application now. Please completely fill out the application from for the RMC fuel card. Send the signed form to RMC.

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