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Efficient travelling through Europe with the RMC fuel card

The RMC fuel card combines low-cost cashless refueling in Europe with the convenient payment of tolls, so you can make your trips efficient and smooth.

RMC Fuel card for Europe

Fuel card

Refuel cashless, reduce expenses and enjoy full control over your costs! The RMC fuel card, which can be used throughout Europe, offers maximum security and is free of charge for private customers and companies.

RMC Creditcard

Credit card

Is the fuel card not enough? With the RMC credit card you remain flexible and secure. Whether hotels, fines or other expenses, the RMC credit card is the perfect solution for all drivers and fleet operators.

The toll solution for Europe

Toll solutions

RMC offers a comprehensive toll payment solution across Europe. Whether you need a single toll box for Austria or are looking for a Europe-wide solution for your fleet, RMC has the right option for you.

VAT refund

With our competent and experienced partners, we get your VAT back.

Mineral oil tax refund

Don't forget the mineral oil tax. Those can also be reclaimed.

Roadside assistance

Thanks to our collaboration with Service24, we can offer you breakdown service around the clock.

Our service

With RMC, you have a reliable partner at your side to help you optimise your mobility in Europe. Benefit from the numerous advantages and services that RMC has to offer you.

Free fuel card for private individuals and companies in Austria, Germany & Europe.

The international fuel card from RMC ensures an efficient route through Austria, Germany & Europe . Refuel cashless, with no card fee, no minimum purchase quantity - from just one vehicle in your fleet to a large truck fleet with everything controlling that concerns accurate and timely billing - the RMC fuel card has achieved what no provider has done before could: You can use your access to our live online server to check at any time what revenue your drivers are generating.

You can quickly and accurately see at a glance when, where and how much each participant in your fleet consumes - so you have complete control... at a glance! Our cooperation partners can be found in all important European countries, making our fuel card an indispensable partner on the roads. Security is an important aspect of the RMC card. Individual PIN codes and complete control over card usage make our RMC fuel card one of the safest in Europe.

RMC fuel card: Fill up, reduce costs! Refuel cheaply across Europe - with RMC! Fleet management made easy - RMC fuel card! RMC fuel card: Save time, money and stress! More control, lower costs - with RMC! The clever tank solution for shipping companies and fleets! Apply for an RMC fuel card now and get started! Secure the advantages of the RMC fuel card now! RMC - Find out now and become a customer!

RMC Fuel card for Europe

RMC fuel card: Cashless, cheap & transparent

“Unlimited mobility with full cost control”

The RMC fuel card offers cashless refueling throughout Europe - without fees and minimum sales. Whether for private customers or companies, the card is free and allows:

  • Efficient travelling through Europe with the RMC fuel card
  • Cashless refueling in Austria, Germany & Europe  at a huge network of petrol stations

  • Cheap prices  through the use of discounts

  • Full cost control  through clear online billing

  • Transparency  through transactions that can be viewed at any time

  • Increased efficiency  through the ability to pay tolls

  • Free fuel card for private individuals and entrepreneurs of all sizes and industries - save money!
  • Whether car, truck or (electric) e-vehicle , with our fuel cards you stay mobile at all times.

The RMC fuel card – your reliable companion on European roads!

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