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Please complete the application form for the RMC fuel card in full. Send the signed form to RMC by e-mail or letter.

To save time and paper, you can also sign the contract digitally:

1. Fill in fields.
2. Sign page 1 and page 2.
Kartenantrag Digital unterschreiben
3. Save file and send by email.
Kartenantrag speichern und per Mail senden
RMC Service GmbH
Gnigler Straße 52
5020 Salzburg
(You can find the classic card application for printing here.)
✅ Free fuel card
✅ No card fee
✅ No minimum purchase quantity
✅ Cheap fuel prices
✅ Cashless refueling
✅ Extensive network of fuel stations
✅ Europe-wide acceptance
✅ Full cost control
✅ Clear online portal
✅ Billing from a single source
✅ Transaction control
✅ Card limits
✅ Individual PIN codes 
✅ 24h Service Hotline
✅ Payment of toll fees
✅ Email / SMS notifications
✅ VAT refund
✅ Mineral oil tax refund
✅ Breakdown service
✅ and much more

Do you have any questions?

The RMC team has the answers.
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RMC Service GmbH

Gnigler Straße 52
5020 Salzburg

24h Service Hotline


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