RMC Service | The fuel card for Europe

RMC fuel card: Fill up and get going

Cashless refuelling

The RMC fuel card enables cashless refuelling in Europe, with no card fee and no minimum purchase quantity. Whether you have one vehicle or a large fleet of lorries - the RMC fuel card offers efficient management with all the benefits of accurate and fast billing.

Full control and transparency

Live online access allows you to monitor all refuelling processes in your fleet down to the minute. Track when, where and how much each driver has refuelled in real time. This allows you to maintain an overview at all times and optimise your costs.

For use in Europe

Thanks to an extensive network of partners, the RMC fuel card can be used in all major European countries. Whether Austria, Germany or France - the RMC fuel card is your reliable companion on Europe's roads.

Maximum security

Individual PIN codes and card limits, as well as complete control over card usage, make the RMC fuel card one of the most secure cards in Europe. So you can be sure that your fleet is always travelling at its best.

RMC Fuel Card

Save money every time you fill up with RMC

No more high fuel prices! With the RMC fuel card, you can fill up at participating stations at cheaper rates and benefit from exclusive discounts on fuel prices.

Advantages at one glance:

Free fuel card

For private customers & companies

Favorable purchasing conditions

Cashless through Europe

Billing from a single source

Complete cost control around the clock

24h access to refueling, limits, pin changes

Block cards, assign PIN in real time

And many additional services

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