Toll with RMC – your partner across Europe

The toll solution across Europe with only one provider. Regardless of whether you need a single OBU or an Eets Box for all of Europe. RMC has the solution. As usual, all details for the toll are made available in the RMS’s own customer portal.

Your advantages with RMC:

One provider for all tolls

saves time and money

Faster an more flexible in adding new tolls

thanks to EEts

Automatic europe-wide toll invoicing

together with your fuel invoice

Invoicing for tolls and fuel from a single source

with details in the RMC Service Portal

Daily toll data from all activated countries

so that the next invoice will not come as a surprise

And many more additional services

Of course our services (e.g. VAT service) also apply to the toll invoices.

Let’s keep it simple

Regardless whether you need a GO-Box in Austria, or a TollCollect OBU in Germany, or a Telepass device in Italy, or … May be an Eets Box is a better fit for your company. Or rather a mixture of both.

Let’s find the best solution for your vehicle fleet, together.

Do you want to receive toll through RMC?

Contact your RMC contact person or just give us a phone call at

+ 43 (0) 662 203470-0
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